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Lawn Strip

About Us

Lawn EMT’s mission is to provide exceptional lawn care service while utilizing innovative technology, so we are better able to provide a quieter and more eco-friendly service for generations to come.

Our Story

Lawn EMT was started in 2019 because of a lack of qualified lawn maintenance companies. With the quickly growing community in eastern Colorado, there was  a large demand for a company that could both meet demand and maintain lawns to customers expectations. After establishing ourselves with the traditional methods of maintaining lawns though, we believed that there had to be something better and it was time to revolutionize the industry. This led us to start switching all of our equipment over to electric power, and then eventually to partnering with Robin Autopilot to provide mowing services using robotic mowers. All of these improvements have led to us creating a more eco friendly lawn care company by reducing our emissions, noise pollution, and our impact on the community. We believe that caring for the environment, helping our community, and respecting our employees is the key to our long term success. 

Our Values


We understand that the most important thing to our customers is that we are able to actually meet their expectations when it comes to caring for their lawn. We do this by:

  • Hiring people that care about their work and agree with our values.

  • Only using the highest quality fertilizers, seeds, and equipment to maintain your lawn. 

  • Making sure we always communicate with our customers to the best of our ability


While we understand that innovation is not something that is normally focused on in a landscape company, we believe that it is the key to our long term success. Innovation helps us:

  • Make our lives, our employees' lives, and our customers' lives easier

  • Cut costs that we are then able to pass on to our customers

  • Provide the same services at an even higher quality


Customer Service 

From the very beginning we knew that customer service is the #1 requirement for our business to thrive. Our customers are what make everything we do possible, so we believe they deserve the best we can offer. Our customer service goals are to:

  • Always be timely and clear on our communication with customers

  • Notify customers of any changes to their services, or the route, in as much advance as possible

  • Be pleasant and engaging to customers when we are on their property


Lawn EMT would never be able to be what it is without the help of our employees, so we are always sure to thank them for the awesome job they do for us as well as for our community. A Lawn EMT employee:

  • Cares about the work they do and how it will reflect on them and the company 

  • Is always respectful and trustworthy

  • Has a commitment to get the job done no matter what it takes

Meet The Team

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