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Your landscape paints the perfect picture of beauty and professionalism. Let us help you make that unforgettable first impression in your home or business!

Professional Landscaping Services

Are you looking to enhance your property with a stunning new landscape? Let Lawn EMT transform the look and feel of your home or business. Our team will offer a free consultation and estimate, while taking into account elements such as amount of maintenance desired, preferred aesthetic appearance, functional usage - all based on what suits best for you! Make sure to take full advantage of our professional landscaping services that can give any outdoor space an attractive facelift in no time. Get ready for compliments from neighbors & visitors once it's finished!

Landscape Design

Transform your outdoor space with professional landscape design from our experienced team!  We begin by taking the time to understand what look, feel, maintenance level and practical use of space are most important for your yard – all tailored just for you.

  • We offer a free consultation to help you plan the landscaping of your dreams. Additionally, we’ll give you a free estimate based on your consultation!

  • Our top-of-the-line tools and techniques will deliver exceptional results in both residential and commercial spaces, all under the watchful guidance of courteous experts who treat every project as if it were their own.

  • After installation, we offer a variety of maintenance packages to choose from to make sure that your landscaping stays pristine long into the future.

Let us take care of creating an amazing landscape – contact us today!

Landscape Design


Are you looking for an eco-friendly and time-efficient landscaping option? Look no further! Xeriscaping is the perfect solution, using things like rocks, native plants, and hardscaping to create a beautiful outdoor space while saving time on maintenance. It’s ideal for busy business owners trying to save money without sacrificing aesthetics. Plus our team can even offer hybrid designs that combine elements of xeriscape with traditional landscape options if desired - so don't hesitate get in touch today find out more about this exciting opportunity!


Sod Preparation And Installation

Make your landscape stand out with a garden of lush green grass. Our experienced team is well-versed in the best techniques to ensure healthy, long-lasting sod for you and your family to enjoy! From proper soil preparation before installation right up until we're finished laying it down, our crew will help make sure that every step is done correctly so there's no worry about Colorado weather ruining what could be one of the most beautiful parts of any home or business.

Sod Prep & Installation

Bush And Tree Planting

Colorado's unique climate can be a challenge for even the most experienced landscapers - but not us! With our deep knowledge and expertise, we'll give your landscape that perfect finishing touch with trees and bushes perfectly suited to thrive. From evergreen conifers like fir or spruce to deciduous trees such as oak or maple, plus juniper shrubs or lilacs in bloom – whatever you choose, trust us for successful planting services. We'll plant them properly so they flourish for years to come - then regularly care for them through trimming and pruning as part of our ongoing maintenance program. Make beauty bloom today!

Bush and Tree Planting

Landscape Lighting

With Lawn EMT's expertise in outdoor lighting, you can find the perfect mood and atmosphere for your property. Create a modern look or rustic feel - whatever meets your preference! Not only is it visually enhancing to feature beautiful landscape illumination, but it also increases the value of your home with its many functional benefits like improved safety at night. So let us help you light up the night safely while bringing out those breathtaking features that make it uniquely yours!

Landscape Lighting
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