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Operating Policies 

  • There is no need to be home during your services. We come anywhere from sun up, to sun down on your scheduled mowing day and render the services you have signed up for.

  • Keeping your yard free of dog toys, sticks, or debris will help us finish our job as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do not mind walking about the yard and moving a few toys or blown over lawn chairs, ect; but if the yard is littered with items during every service, we may charge a small additional fee for the cleanup/moving of these items. 

  • Some properties may have an upcharge for more landscaping items than average that have to be trimmed around, most properties have one driveway, one sidewalk and a patio/deck with a few trees.

  • Aggressive dogs must be kept inside or locked up during your service day.

  • Yards that have grown over 8 inches may be subject to a $20 additional charge.

  • The movement of trampolines is included in our basic mowing prices, but may come at an additional charge for the large area/acreage mowing.

  • Weather postponements will be issued via email.

  • Our mowing season runs from April - October, leaf cleanups and late mowing may run well into November depending on the season that year.

Billing Policies

  • We have a variety of billing options to choose from.

  • Automatic Payments

    • Automatic payments are convenient! You may choose that your payments occur every Monday, twice per month on the 1st &15th or once per month on the 1st or 15th

  • Manual Payments

    • Manual pay invoices are sent to your email on file on the last day of the month. Invoices may be paid with a credit or debit card right through the invoice or you may mail a check. Invoices are due 10 days after receipt; we do not charge late fees, however, if you are consistently late we may ask that you set up automatic billing.

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