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Whether they adorn homes or businesses, the condition of a lawn is often the thing that makes for a first impression. Patchiness, bare spots, browning, and weed invasion are hallmarks of a starving or struggling yard, and an unattractive one too. Grass needs nutrients to thrive, but many lawns are constantly malnourished and don’t look as good as they should.

These problems can be prevented with proper fertilizer application, good lawn maintenance, weed control, and a solid year-round lawn care plan. At Lawn EMT, we are committed to of creating and preserving well-maintained lawns. For your lawn to look its best, all that’s needed is some watering, mowing, and fertilization to keep it healthy.

The power of nitrogen

The mineral element nitrogen plays a big part in the health of grass. It’s the primary fuel they need to stay green and healthy and without it, grass blades wilt, turn brown and eventually die. When nitrogen enters the body of a plant through its root system, internal plant processes rev up. New growth, in the form of shoots, occurs within hours of nitrogen application.

During this time of strong shoot growth, root growth slows. When fertilizer is added to your grass, growth shifts from roots to shoots, giving you a lush lawn. But it comes at the expense of strong root which may be more important during certain periods, like establishing a new lawn, preparing for periods of high stress such as the summer heat or preparing for the cold winter winds. Nitrogen also contributes to the color of grass by boosting chlorophyll production. After a fertilizer application, you’ll probably notice that the color of your grass turns a darker, more emerald green.

With Lawn EMT, we’ll make sure your grass is at its greenest. We use WaterSaver, an organic, slow-release fertilizer that contains a wetting agent to help water penetrate the tough clay soils in Colorado. It also contains soil-borne micro-organisms that attach to the root systems of plants and help allow them to absorb more nutrients and water. This will help your grass efficiently utilize the water it receives. All of these features combine to create a stronger, healthier, more drought-tolerant lawn.

By offering the best in mowing and lawn fertilizing services, count on Lawn EMT to be the solution to all your lawn care needs. For more information, give us a call today.

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